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Santa Claus is coming to town and he wants to know what you want for Christmas! Give Santa a call at his phone number below and tell him what you what your wish list is Santa's elves will be sure to make your holiday dreams come true! So don't hesitate to pick up the phone and give Santa a call today!


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Did you know the number one question asked at Christmas is what is Santa Claus phone number?

Can you imagine how busy he is at Christmas getting all of the Christmas toys ready to go. He is having to go through his naughty and nice list, making sure the elves are packing everything just right and reading and answering letters.

Santa Claus phone number is 980-447-2682. Christmas is coming and you need to call him to let him know what you want this year. What is your wish list? Now remember, this is Santa's hotline so it gets a lot of calls. When you call, make sure you have your list of things you want for Christmas. One thing that everyone has to remember is even though you live a list, Santa will always try and leave a very special Christmas present for you.

If you are lucky, he will answer the phone, but as we get closer and closer to Christmas, you can imagine his phone is super busy. There is another way to contact him which is way more exciting. You can do a live video call with him by booking a time on his official website -
This time of year, he is always going through all of the children's Christmas wish lists and making sure he has the right toys to deliver on Christmas morning.

Did you know that Santa this year will deliver over 18,000,000 toys in the United State alone!

Every holiday season it seems he gets busier and busier. The next most asked question is how does he do it?
Well, that is a long kept secret but there is something that Santa has that makes everything possible.

It is a special blend of magic the elves call, "Santa Dust". Santa has been using this for many, many, many years. And as everyone knows, Santa has an incredible team of reindeer that help him pull off all of the magic. Here is a little secret that not many people know. Santa will deliver more packages then the post office on Christmas Eve!
When you do a phone call with Santa, sometimes you may just have to leave a message for him. He will listen to everyone's message as soon as he can, but he does listen to them.

So take a few minutes and call him and you may even hear a very special message from Santa.
Now if you read all of this, here is a very special treat!
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