Customer Help

santa hat
  • Q1: Is Santa Real?
    Of course he is.
  • Q2: Do I have to fill out all of the information on the conference questionnaire?
    The insight provided by the questionnaire is a large part of what makes the call so personalized and magical but it is at the parent’s discretion what information they wish to provide.
  • Q3: How and when do I pick the date and time of my live call?
    You will pick the date and time after you select the type of call, families or groups, and then after selecting your time zone.
  • Q4: Can I reschedule if my child is sick/having a temper tantrum/ very shy?
    Contact our elves at and we can try to reschedule you when your child is ready to talk to Santa.
  • Q5: If my child is scared and doesn’t want to talk to Santa, can I have a refund?
    Contact our elves at and we can try to reschedule you when your child is ready to talk to Santa. If it doesn't work out, we will gladly refund your money. We offer a 100% money back guarantee.
  • Q6: Do I need to use a certain browser to talk to Santa?
    Talk to Santa is based on WebRTC technology which currently supports Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers. We recommend Chrome for the best experience.
  • Q7: My child is questioning the existence of Santa. Can Santa handle a lot of questions?
    Santa has been around a very long time. He is very prepared to handle a wide variety of questions and topics from children.
  • Q8: How long is the live call?
    The calls average 8- 10 minutes.
  • Q9: Do I get a copy of the live video call?
    After your call, the Elves will process a magical video for you to watch, download and share to your favorite social websites. Currently processing time is 12-24 hours.You will receive an email when it is done.
  • Q10: One of our parties can’t attend the call. Do we still have to pay for them?
    Send an email to and our elves will assist you.
  • Q11: One of our party can’t connect, we’re all waiting how do we get help….NOW!
    Send us an email at or there is a phone number inside the live video window for support, please call us.
  • Q12: I am giving info about my child. Is it secure? How do I know?
    Santa sees all and knows all, but it is his and our policy not to share your personal information with anyone. Our whole website is encrypted and all files are encrypted. See our privacy policy.We keep it a secret.
  • Q13: The only time we are all available, Santa isn’t. Can you accommodate us?
    Santa’s schedule sometimes changes as customers need to reschedule. There is a link in the scheduling process where the calendar is that says 'Can't find a time, click to be notified if there is a time that has been opened up'. Santa's schedule will update and you will get notified. Or send us an email at and we will try to help.
  • Q14: Is Santa Bi-Lingual?
    Santa speaks a lot of different languages including American Sign Language. We will be happy to help with any special requests. Send an email to elfsupport@talktosanta.comand we will do our best to make Christmas a wonderful experince for all children.
  • Q15: Will this work on a tablet or phone?
    Our website works on most up to date tablets and Iphones (after 2020) earlier Iphones/tablets may not work with older versions of Safari. For the best experience, please use a desktop with Google Chrome.
  • Q16: I have multiple children, can I have Santa talk to all of them on the same call to save money.
    Santa loves all children regardless of budgets. You can have up to 6 children on a family call.